Our Superstar Ambassadors!


Emilija - Sydney, NSW.
IG: @magicmandalas

The enchanting Emilija, also known by her stage name, Magic Mandalas, is a mesmerising fire, LED and hula hoop performer that bewitches audiences with her charisma and jaw dropping skill set! Emilija has performed internationally as well as at events and festivals across Australia. Emilija created Eclipse Flow Entertainment, a small business serving an impressive list of clients, with her partner Joe in 2017. In 2021, her strong passion for the hoop community called her to become Bayside Hooping's social media manager, marketing and customer service assistant. Emilija is excited to continue performing and travelling across the world post-pandemic, chasing the snow-capped mountains and forests that have her heart!


Olive - Melbourne, VIC.
IG: @pixie.olive

Blooming from a background in a vast number of dance styles such as hip-hop, street jazz and burlesque, Olive brings a unique flair to hooping with her finely crafted fusion of sass, dance and hoop tech. Olive began hooping as a way to keep fit after an injury and within years flourished into the centre and focus of her life, taking her to events and communities around the world. Hooping has helped Olive to reconnect with her love for movement and performing, when she isn't creating sassy hoop videos, you can find her lighting up the stage with attitude or teaching hoop-dance to hoopers across the world and in her home city of Melbourne. 

Charissa - Melbourne, VIC.
IG: @charissadeville
Hey Faeries!
My name is Charissa Deville, or Cj for short. I started hooping early 2016, where I found myself in my backyard everyday after work. For me, hooping didn't come easy. I couldn't even waist hoop, only practicing the weave and isolation for months. As I became more confident I started incorporating ninja-like moves into my flow. I found a whole flow community called "Tech-Hoopers" and I knew instantly that was where I belonged. I was self-taught, watching youtube videos over and over again until I unlocked another trick. Hooping was a space for me where I could feel any type of emotion, and still be able to create movement and shapes with my body. Before I knew it, I was performing at incredible festivals and parties in Australia, and internationally. I'll be forever grateful to have performed at Boom Festival in 2018 and performed on a cruise ship in Singapore in 2019. I can guarantee you, if you pick up hooping you will only bring goodness into your life. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for unleashing your creativity and allowing your inner child to shine.


Lenka - Sydney, NSW.
IG: @misslenka

Miss Lenka hails from over the pond and has been in sydney for 7 years. She’s an English born n bred white bread slice of multi prop madness! She’s been hooping for four years, inspired by her hoop mama Hannah Indigo, and now also spins fans, double staffs, dragon staff, triquetras and fire eats and breathes. Alongside her favourite circles (30” 3/4 travel polypro if you’re asking) she climbs, pole dances and does roller derby. You can find her at any festival by looking for her signature blue hair and bubbly British voice!


Jessi - Melbourne, VIC.
IG: @inkhabited
Jessi is a creative, innovative & avade self taught hula hoop lover who holds a national aerobics title and has 5 years experience in the Creative Arts Industry. 
From sales to retail, Jessi spent years working in different industries trying to find her passion for life. Until one day at her first bush party 6 years ago, she picked up a hula hoop and has not been able to put it down since!
Since then, Jessi has worked all over Victoria including the likes of Esoteric Festival, Babylon Festival, Crown Casino, Spice Market, Miss Collins and more! She also offers private lessons and facilities workshops at festivals and smaller events.


Natasha - Melbourne, VIC.

"Discovering the art of flow has got to be the best thing to happen to me, it’s made me a happier and healthier person. If you had told me a year ago that my hobby would be playing with hula hoops I wouldn’t have believed you! I’m still very new to hooping but it has already become a part of who I am. It’s a way to express myself and lose myself at the same time. I can’t wait to see what adventures hooping brings!"