Fire Hula Hoop Mini Twins
Fire Hula Hoop Mini Twins
Fire Hula Hoop Mini Twins
Fire Hula Hoop Mini Twins

Fire Hula Hoop Mini Twins


Fire hula hoop mini twins for doubles hooping!

- Removable kevlar wicks (so you change your wicks to another hoop at anytime)
- 3 wicks per hoop
- Available in 5/8" polypro
- Available in sizes 18" - 24"

About the wicks:
Made from rust-resistant stainless steel parts, high-performance kevlar wick and only takes a few minutes to attach. They feature a flexible yet sturdy cable design and measure 5" long from the hoop to the edge of the spine.

Attaching your wicks is super easy! Just use a coin, screwdriver or something similar. Open your hoop and slide the wicks on, figure out your placement and tighten. Give your hoop a spin before lighting up to avoid any catching issues. Burn time is approximately 3-4 minutes.

This product can cause harm and can be dangerous.
DO NOT use this product under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
DO NOT use this product if you are on any medication that may interfere with our coordination or sight;
Be responsible when using this product;
Make sure you have enough space to use the product; and
Correctly light the wicks as well as store them for later use.
DO NOT wear highly flammable clothing;
DO NOT have loose hair that could not the potential of catching fire;
Stay alert when using this product; and
Use reasonable care when using this product.

Product to be used at consumers own risk, Bayside Hooping is not liable for any injuries that may arise from the use of the Fire Hula Hoop. This includes all Fire Hula Hoops, regardless of size or tubing.

Fire products are to be used by person’s 18 years and over.

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