About Us

 A brief History


Bayside Hooping was created in 2016 by hula hoop artist, Coral Jade. Before creating Bayside Hooping, Coral had been performing at events around Australia and had been making hoops for nearly a decade - sourcing materials from all around the world. She wanted to create a space that made hoops and supplies easily accessible to the Australian and New Zealand market, however had to start small.

It started as just a small shop with only 6 products - and only one available tubing type! Now with nearly 300 products and a huge selection of tubing types, sizes and colours it has quickly become Australia's favourite shop for all things hooping, with the biggest variety of hooping products available down under. In 2019 Bayside Hooping produced the first ever 100% Australian made LED hoop, and is still proudly the only shop producing Australian made LED's.

As Bayside Hooping grew so did the community and the team - our community has grown as we connected hoopers around the globe through our social pages and have since grown to a small, dedicated team of three.


Meet the team


Founder, designer, hoop maker

"After making my first hula hoop in 2008 I have been perfecting my skills of hoop making ever since. As a professional hula hoop artist I know what works best and am proud to bring top quality products down under!"


Hoop maker, dispatcher, customer service

"Although only recent, my love of hoops now translates into my working life as I join the team as your hoop maker, occasional admin lady, and pick packer. I look forward to creating and packing your orders with a whole lotta love!"


Social media manager, marketer, customer service

"Since learning hoop dance in 2015, my passion for hooping has lead me to perform at festivals and events locally and overseas! I’m so excited be part of the Bayside Hooping team as your marketing, customer service assistant and social media manager!"


Our commitment to a sustainable future


At Bayside Hooping, we are trying our best to produce top quality products without the negative impact on our planet.

To do this we are:

  • Choosing sustainable suppliers - we want all our suppliers to be as sustainable as possible and ask them not to send us any unnecessary packaging and plastic.
  • Recycling as much rubbish as possible - we try to produce as little waste as possible and we either find new uses for old items or dispose of unwanted waste into our recycling bins.
  • Using green packaging - we don't send any unnecessary packaging to customers and all packaging received from Bayside Hooping can be recycled in your recycling bin.

As well as the above measures we also regularly raise funds for different environmental and community charities, by supporting Bayside Hooping with the hoops you buy you are also helping us work towards a more sustainable future!

Remember that your pre-loved hoops can be recycled too! When you have decided your hoop has run it's course you can:
  • Give it away to a new hooper, school or hula hoop tutor.
  • Send it back to us to have it upgraded, downsized, freshly taped or just simply recycled.
  • Cut it up and put it in your recycling bin.

Recycling is so easy and we hope that you join us on creating a change for the better!