Hoop care

How to look after your new hoop


Thank you for purchasing your hand-made hula hoop through Bayside Hooping! Here are some care instructions to help you look after your new hoop and extend its life. 

Before using: Leave your hoop disconnected and laying flat for 24 hours before use, this will help with any misshape issues.  

Hoop use: Avoid using your hoop on hard surfaces such as concrete, gravel and asphalt, especially with taped hula hoops as it can quickly scuff the surface of your new custom hoop. Grass, carpet and smooth floors are much better for your hoop. Be gentle with your hoop in extreme weather – heat can make it bend or get a kink in it and cold temperatures can cause your hoop to crack.  

Storage: It is best to store your hoop lying flat and in a cool place, especially for long periods of time. Avoid prolonged exposure to hot cars or any other kind of heat as it can cause your hoop to get out of shape.  

Re-Shaping: Sometimes when you receive your new hoop it may be slightly out of shape, this is totally fine, usually it will go circle again by itself but otherwise you can warm up the tubing (using a hair dryer or laying it flat in the sun) and then gently push it back into shape. If you need more help correcting its shape please contact us!  

Cleaning: A damp washcloth or sponge with a little bit of soap on it is the easiest way to clean your hoop if you need to. Avoid using anything abrasive, especially on taped hoops.  

Collapsing: To connect, push down on the push button and insert the connecter into the hoop. Push the two sides together and pop the button in place. To disconnect, push down on the push button and pull it apart. You may need to use a small tool to help, such as a pen. Some hoops can be double coiled for travelling, however smaller hoops may only be partially collapsed.  

Thank you for supporting a small business, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Don’t forget to tag us on social media using your new hoop!