Tips for tight connections and re-shaping your hoop after shipping


It is common for hula hoops to become out of shape after being shipped, the first thing you should do when receiving your new hoop is to leave it disconnected for 24 hours before use. This will usually resolve the problem however if your hoop is still stubbornly out of shape after doing this then try the following methods:

Lay your hoop in the sun: The easiest method is to just lay your hoop in the warm sun for a few hours (laying it flat on the ground, not standing). Once the tubing warms up it'll naturally take shape, or you can gently push it back into shape while the tubing is warm. You can also disconnect it and roll it out on a hard surface or simply hoop with it to help it become more circular.

Put your hoop in hot water: If you have a sectional hoop with multiple parts you can simply disconnect them and lay each section in a sink or bath with hot water. If it's a full sized hoop you're working with then partly fill up a big sink or bath with hot water, stand the hoop upright with the bottom of the hoop in the water then slowly turn the hoop to submerge the hoop in the water. This method is quick and efficient but please note that it is best to do this to un-taped hoops only.

Use a hair dryer: Another way you can warm up your hoop for re-shaping is to blow a hair dryer over the problem areas for about 30 seconds and then gently push your hoop back into shape. You can also disconnect it and roll it out to straighten the tubing, this will help it be a better circular shape when connecting it again.

Just hoop with it: Sometimes all your wonky hoop needs is a little hooping time! So just try hooping with it, a lot of times it'll take shape after a quick spin.

Tight connections: If your hoop has been shipped disconnected it can sometimes change shape by the insert making it hard to connect and disconnect. The above methods will also work with tight connections, just focus on the connection part instead when warming up the tubing.

If you have tried all the above methods and your hoop just won't cooperate then please get in touch! Maybe it was left in a hot car for too long while being transported or there is an actual fault with the tubing, either way we will be happy to assist you if you are experiencing any problems!