Rechargable Lithium-Ion LED Hoop Batteries

Rechargable Lithium-Ion LED Hoop Batteries

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LED Hoop Batteries - Rechargeable Lithium-Ion

Keep your LED hoop glowing all night long with these battery packs! This listing is for two lithium-ion batteries.

These lithium-ion batteries suit most battery operated LED hoops (including all of the LED's from Bayside Hooping) - the 14500 (size of AA) suit 3/4" hoops and the 10440 (size of AAA) suit 5/8" hoops.

Battery care:
To lengthen the life of your lithium-ion batteries, it is best to keep them charged (even when not in use). If you leave them completely flat for extended periods it will cause the batteries to lose capacity over time.

Note; Lithium-ion batteries are NOT the same as AA batteries (read labels carefully). Misuse of lithium batteries could cause a fire.
Lithium-ion batteries are flammable, as such DO NOT use under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Lithium-ion batteries are STRONGER than AA or AAA batteries. ONLY use them in lithium-ion specific products;
Bayside Hooping is not liable for any damaged caused by the misuse of lithium-ion batteries in products requiring AA or AAA batteries.
Take reasonable care when using the LED hoop.
Bayside Hooping LED Hula Hoop is ONLY compatible with lithium-ion batteries purchased from Bayside Hooping;
Bayside Hooping is not liable for any fault of the LED Hula Hoop which is caused by:
- Lithium-ion batteries purchased from anywhere except Bayside Hooping.
- Consumer using lithium-ion batteries in other products
- By user not taking proper care of LED Hula Hoop and allowing water to get inside, or dust.
- Proper care includes keeping the LED Hula Hoop away from water, dust or sun.

Product to be used at consumers own risk, Bayside Hooping is not liable for any injuries that may arise from the use of the LED Hula Hoop.

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